Harry Bennett Foundation

The Harry Bennett Foundation

Set up in the memory of a beloved family member, our goal is to enable everyone to have access to the life-enhancing benefits provided by sport.


Giving individuals and teams the help and support they need to experience the full physical and mental benefits provided by the power of sport.

Whether it’s individuals or teams, whether it’s by taking part or watching – we want everyone to have the help and support they need to fully experience the physical and mental benefits of sport.

Our goal is to help people through the power of sport

We aim to do this by:

• Helping to ensure that anyone from young children to adults can enjoy the life-changing benefits that come from sport

• Helping people achieve their sporting dreams by supplying financial support for equipment and training, or to help kick start new clubs and teams

• Providing one off payments or on-going support through scholarship style funding • Helping people who find themselves in hardship, whether through mental or physical ill health or financial difficulties, to achieve respite through sport

• Paying for beneficial sporting experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, for example, a trip to see their favourite team/event or a trip to Wembley/Twickenham So whether you have dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete, want to start up a Sunday morning side or would just love to watch your favourite team, HB9 can help.